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An interview with Ralph Sutton

An interview with Ralph Sutton

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In this episode, I'm talking with Ralph Sutton. Ralph is a TV and radio veteran, the host of the goodsugar podcast alongside Marcus Antebi (founder of the health and wellness platform "Juice Press"), and the SDR Show. He's also the founder of the Gas Digital Network, and you can find him online at and on Instagram at @iamralphsutton.

Ralph shares his wellbeing journey with us, offers some sound advice on living a healthy life, and opinions on the current state of the wellbeing industry. Do what's right for you, and watch out for guru bullshit.

This is from a podcast I created a few years back called “The State of Mind", so it’s not the usual format that you’ve come to expect from The Observing I. As it’s the Christmas break, I wanted to give you some good content whilst still getting some rest time in for myself.

Hoping that you’ve all had a restful break yourselves, and usual transmissions will resume next week.

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